Webinar: Value creation for technology people

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Thrusday, 25Th of April, 15:00 CET

Value creation for technology people

« We are all working very hard to provide value to our customers, our employees, our partners and suppliers and obviously to our shareholders. WE ALSO HAVE TO CREATE VALUE FOR OURSELVES. Our mission and vision and culture and values and strategy all of them must be aligned to achieve our goals. In an ecosystem controlled by technology this is a key element to create and provide value to the stakeholders. To create value for our customers we should UNDERSTAND their Technology, Processes and People in order to improve their Performances. Our contribution to their improvement will be done through our own Technology, Processes and People (our Resources). The alignment between our Resources and Customer´s Resources will be the best way to create Value for every stakeholder. This is or main GOAL. How can knowledge be collected, stored, shared and used by all the stakeholders of the service journey you are on. Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management in its widest definition will be the two topics at the core processes. Together helping your company to improve the overall service performance whether it be cost reduction, increase revenue or retain customers and improve their experience.

15:00 pm. Introduction and Summary of the Conference subject, by Gautam Mahajan.

The Conference  Will be centered on the the main following concepts :

How to Create Value For Yourself and Your Customer

1. Why do CTOs and CIOs not become CEOs

2.What is Value Creation and Customer Value all about

3.Understanding the Customer and how?

4.How technology creates and destroys value

5.Technology and the Physical world, customers, employees and society

6.Process innovation (like Henry Ford), Mobile innovation, e-commerce innovation

7.Impact on resources such as people

8.Creation and extraction of value


SPEAKER: Gautam Mahajan

Gautam Mahajan (Mahajan@customervaluefoundation.com) is the President of Customer Value Foundation and the global Thought Leader in Value Creation. He was President of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. Has 18 US patents. Is Distinguished Alumni, Illinois Institute of Technology

Founder Editor of the Journal of Creating Value jcv.sagepub.com and Mentor Creating Value Alliance

Chair of Second Global Conference on Creating Value in New York, May 14-15, 2019 and of International Conference on Creating Value for the Future of AI and Society at Kobe, Japan (from Oct 14 to Oct 16, 2019)

Books: Value Creation; Total Customer Value Management; Customer Value Investment; How Creating Customer Value Makes you a Great Executive; The Value Imperative: Value Dominant Logic.

To register to attend this webinar, please email me your name, job title and company name to: senen.pajaro@gmail.com


To Join the Webinar

Webinar join link: I will send you a link to CISCO WebEx platform and a password

Audio: There are 2 options available: phone or computer.

Computer – You can use your computer speakers/headphones to listen to the webinar over the web.


 You should not miss this opportunity to understand the Value Creation Processes For Customers, without any doubt the core of any Business. This Will help to improve your customer experience and so Business Results.




–         TIME: 15:00 CET, 25/04/2019.

–         PLACE:  INTERNET/Webinar (WebEx platform)

–         TO ATTEND THE CONFERENCE: SEND AN EMAIL TO:  senen.pajaro@gmail.com   

Data of Interest

The presentation will be in english

TIME: 15:00 CET, 25/04/2019.

PLACE:  INTERNET/Webinar (WebEx platform)


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