Webinar – ‘Knowledge Management and business intelligence in filed services’

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21 de septiembre de 2017, 16:00 h.

ASTEA Conference on: Knowledge Management and business intelligence in flied services

Nos gustaría poder contar con tu presencia y con la de aquellas personas que tengan la responsabilidad de la seguridad de la información en tu empresa.



  • 16:00 hrs. Introduction and Summary of the Conference subject.

ASTEA will provide a general overview of their Field Services Management Solution, concentrating their attention on:


Index & Search most document types

  • Intuitive web interface and security controls for internal and external users of Alliance
  • Provides text searching (query & fuzzy) and hit highlighting that make it easy for non-technical users to find the right information
  • Improve access to the right documents by providing results that include dynamic thumbnails and rankings based on the needs of users
  • Astea Alliance Knowledgebase provides a Web API for indexing (rebuilding and incremental) and searching
  • Publishing capabilities that enable role-based users to select, edit and submit closed issues/cases to the Knowledgebase in order to make information available for future reference
  • Astea Alliance Knowledgebase indexing supports products, resolved cases, employee help, vendor help and document files
  • Languages Supported: English, Brazilian, German, Greek, French, Dutch, Thai, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
  • Improve first-time fix/ resolution rates and reduce service costs by having recommended repairs and resolution guides instantly accessible and easy to find
  • Decrease incident handling times
  • Improve speed, productivity and effectiveness of customer support and field service agents

You should not miss this opportunity to understand the Best-in-Class system to use knowledge as a tool to improve productivity in Field Services and customer satisfacction.



 Optimize your Service Lifecycle Management strategy with comprehensive business intelligence

By combining extensive service expertise with a comprehensive suite of fully integrated analytical modules, Alliance BI offers an instant 360° web-based view of your business.

Assure Secure Access

Astea’s solution infrastructure enables companies to securely extend business intelligence to any user. Astea’s solution optimizes data caching to ensure the best possible speed. Designed for optimum security, the Intelligence Platform identifies and validates each user and compresses and encrypts data prior to transmission.

Save Costs, Enjoy Easy Implementation

Protect your existing IT investments, lower your total cost of ownership and conveniently deploy BI to all users – all made possible by Alliance BI’s unified and modular approach, based on open industry standards.

Take a Smarter Approach to BI

Easily and efficiently extract the service information you want and unify critical data across departments with Alliance BI, the first comprehensive customer-centric data warehouse specifically optimized for Service Lifecycle Management. It unifies critical data from departments that are traditionally dispersed across the organization, such as Service, Logistics, Depot Repair, and Contact Center.

Fully Leverage the Framework

Alliance BI includes out-of-the-box Data Warehouse and ETL procedures for maximum flexibility. Multi-language and multi-currency support make this a truly global solution. Alliance BI gives you the ability to access full analytic capability with the relevant data you need, when you need it.

Tie it All Together

Access the actionable data you want, where and when you want it. Alliance BI ties information together and delivers it to you in an intuitive way, allowing you to concentrate on using insights to propel your business forward. Any way that you look at it, Astea Alliance BI is a smart approach to maximize business intelligence for Service Lifecycle Management

  • 17:00 hrs. END

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